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Date Posted : 2013-06-02

We Are Hiring Security Guards For Overseas Assignments

Job Overview

High paying overseas security guard jobs

Additional Details

We Are Hiring Security Guards For Overseas Assignments.We now have openings
for male and female security guards,duties include; executive
protection,property security,vechicle escort duties and general
security work.Starting salary = $170,000 to $210,000 per year,plus bonuses.
A full benefits package that includes;housing,travel allowances,
life insurance,health insurance for family members and paid on the job
training for applicant training including advanced firearms and advancement
to management positions.This is a career that provides great pay,a stable future and is an exciting job working with great people.A sign up bonus is available to all applicants !!
Apply Today and get started toward a great future.
We have openings in the following countries;Brazil,Kuwait,
Argentina,Afganistan,Iraq,Panama,Dubai.A Complete Resume Is A Must!The
employer that sponsors this ad requires a International Background Report before hiring.Only serious applicants should apply!

Job Qualifications

Armed security guard

Education / Experience

One year security guard experience


Willing To Relocate

How To Apply

By Email:

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New York City and Canada
Robert Shinkle
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