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Date Posted : 2012-05-15

Human Resource Manager

Job Overview

Our client, a faith based Christian Organization is looking for Human Resource Manager to support their HR operations. The Human Resource Manager is responsible for providing support in the various human resource functions, which include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitoring, staff morale and employee support. This also includes providing human resource support services for volunteers.

Additional Details

1. Recruitment – Provide leadership to creating staff and volunteer recruitment opportunities for the organization. This would be supplemental to ministry directors who share the responsibility to recruit for their own ministry needs.

• Work with staff to maintain a current record of staff and volunteer opportunities, complete with job description, responsibilities and expectations;
• Lead and co-ordinate an ongoing recruitment strategy, including arranging for appropriate staff to represent the organization at missionfests, churches, bible colleges and other job and volunteer fairs;
• Post and maintain staff and volunteer positions on the organization’s website as well as other job posting services;
• Evaluate market or labour supply to determine best recruitment practices;
• Facilitate the matching of potential staff and volunteers with an appropriate ministry by conducting the initial interview of generic inquiries before re-directing to appropriate department;
• Design, arrange and conduct an orientation process for staff and volunteers;
• Research available funding opportunities for new staff, such as government grants;
• Oversee a program that bridges college education with hands-on youth ministry by,
o Establishing partnerships with Bible Colleges to provide students with the opportunity to receive practical experience in ministry through the organization’s Wpg office;
o Matching student-interns with an appropriate ministry from the organization for supervision and leadership development;
o Ensuring an evaluation is conducted on each student intern that assesses both strengths and weaknesses in order to increase the likelihood of the student-intern being fruitful and fulfilled in their future ministry;
o Consulting with Ministry Directors to determine which student-interns should be invited to join the organization on a permanent basis.

2. Staffing – Oversee that the proper systems and protocols are followed.

• Advise and assist management in the interpretation and implementation of HR practices including appropriate policies and procedures;
• Ensure all staff have current job descriptions and employment contracts and assist supervisors in writing them as needed;
• Ensure compliance with legislation and labour codes. Bring any discrepancies to the attention of the Executive Director;
• Maintain a staff and volunteer database (applications, date started, church affiliation, birthdays, references, police checks, valid certifications including First Aid, and CR/CA every 3 yrs, etc.);
• Ensure employee job profiles/descriptions and employee files are kept up-to-date.
• Provide accounting with all needed data for payroll purposes and introduce a new staff member to payroll practices;
• Monitor scheduled absences such as holidays to ensure continuity of services as needed;
• Assign and manage all security codes and keys for staff and volunteers;
• Oversee and manage the Standard Life Benefits program with staff.

3. Training/Development – Assist ministry directors/supervisors in creating an ongoing professional development plan for their staff.

• Credentialing – inform Regional Training Director of any new staff who should begin credentialing and liaison with Regional Training Director to ensure staff are completing the process;
• Work with Ministry Directors/Senior Supervisors to ensure a professional/personal development plan is in place and reviewed annually for each staff person;
• Work with each ministry to ensure that excellent care, on-the-job coaching and adequate supervision is provided for all staff and volunteers;
• Ensure periodic assessments are held to review the work of staff and volunteers to determine training needs;
• Communicate to staff career path options within the organization and provide advice on how to move towards their long-term career aspirations.

4. Performance Monitoring – Develop tools/systems/resources that assist ministry directors/supervisors in evaluating staff and programs.

• Modify, as needed, the organization’s tools for setting annual ministry goals, quarterly and weekly action plans and the annual performance review;
• Oversee the execution of annual employment reviews in conjunction with Ministry Directors/Senior Supervisors;
• Ensure department heads review progress their staff made on previous quarterly priorities and update next quarter’s priorities (in alignment with departments’ yearly planning document);
• Review each work location (Camp/Satellites) etc. to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees at all times.

5. Staff Morale – Monitor and be catalyst for increasing staff morale.

• Ensure ongoing recognition of staff and volunteers through formal and informal methods and provide recognition to staff and volunteers who excel;
• Facilitate staff moral through designated team building events.

6. Employee Mentoring – Serve staff by providing a listening ear and workplace advice.

• Explain Staff Policy Manual as needed as well as any revisions made;
• Resolve conflict with staff member and their immediate supervisor as outlined in the Staff Policy Manual;
• Work with Executive Director on all terminations;
• Conduct exit interviews, bringing to management suggestions that might improve the working conditions of the organization, thereby increasing the likelihood that the organization will be able to retain its best people.

Education / Experience


• Comply with the staff policy manual including code of conduct, statement of faith, and mission statement by signing compliance annually;
• Recruit, nurture and inform personal supporters on a regular basis (minimum bi-monthly) to ensure a solid personal support base;
• Attend Staff meeting monthly, Satellite Directors meetings quarterly and Winnipeg Ministry Directors meetings quarterly;
• Serve on the Directors Council;
• Be a self-starter with a strong work ethic
• Possess a vibrant, mission-minded faith
• Can inspire and motivate others.
• Able to instil vision and inspire others to join the cause
• Are spiritually mature
• Enjoy working in a team environment
• Have strong people management skills
• Have excellent organizational and administrative abilities
• Possess strong written and verbal communication skills
• Able to balance work/personal/family life
• Embrace the organization’s core values with a strong heart for evangelism

Spiritual Expectations:

• Live in vital union with Jesus Christ.
• Be an active participant in a local church

How To Apply

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